Angel Interfaith Network

“Seek the welfare of the city. . . For in its welfare you will find your welfare.”
- Jeremiah 29:7

Angel Interfaith Network is . . .

  • Local faith groups, businesses, civic organizations and individuals coming together to reach out to our neighbors in times of crisis
  • We accompany our neighbors in the struggle to cope with the crises of hospitalization.

Our Vision:

Angel Interfaith Network meets urgent physical and spiritual needs of patients and their families with neighbor to neighbor support at LAC+USC Medical Center as a project of the St Camillus Center for Spiritual Care.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

– Leviticus 10:18 – Mathew 19:18 – Sahih Muslim Book 1 #72

Angel Interfaith Network Website

Over the years, AIN has enjoyed a fruitful partnership with the Department of Spiritual Care at LAC+USC Medical Center: CARES, which operates under the auspices of LAC+USC Medical Center; and St Camillus Center for Spiritual Care, sharing resources and collaborating on donations of clothing, furniture, and other assistance to patients on an as-needed basis, by referral from the LAC+USC Medical Center staff.

At the end of 2010, there was an opportunity for AIN, St Camillus Center, and the LAC+USC Department for Spiritual Care to work together and reduce overhead costs. AIN now operates as a separate project under the auspices of St Camillus Center.