Religious Education Congress 2013

Please join us in Anaheim for the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress and be sure to visit our booth #465.

Suggested speakers by Fr Chris Ponnet:

10a 1-02 The Meaning and Development of Conscience Fr. Gerald Coleman
1-08 Divine Wonder: The Sacraments as a Joyful Surrender and Rebirth into the Mystery of Love Fr. Richard Fragomeni
1-13 God, Suffering and Conversion Dr. Greer Gordon
1-16 Let’s Talk: Bringing Both Sides in Parish Together Bill Huebsch
1-21 Spirituality and the Universal Call to Holiness Fr. Tim Radcliffe
1-27 The Pilgrim’s Way: Setting Direction for a Future Life David Whyte
1pm 2-03 The Battle for Religious Freedom in the 21st Century John  Allen Jr
2-09 Bullying: A Catholic Response for Educators Frank DiLallo
2-10 Grow Your Church the E-way Msgr. Ray East
2-23 Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self Fr. Richard Rohr
3pm 3-04 The Mystery of Human Dignity  Eclipsed Sr. Kathy Bryant
3-10 Befriending the Unknown: Spiritual Wisdom for Times of Crisis and Transition Richard Groves
3-17 Entering the Mystery: Where? Dr. Megan McKenna
3-21 Spiritual Concerns and Pastoral Practice in the Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Catholics Fr. Chris Ponnet
10am 4-04 Faith, Worship and 800-pound Gorillas! Honest Ministry in the 21st Century Grayson Warren Brown
4-13 Forming Conscience in a Polarizing Time Fr. James Heft
4-17 “For I Was a Stranger, and You Welcomed Me!” Fr. Allan Deck, SJ
1pm 5-01 All Things Catholic: What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Global Church John Allen Jr
5-05 Saving Lives is for the Coast Guard Fr. Greg Boyle
5-15 Mission-based Catechesis: The Time is Now! Jack Jezreel
5-23 Care and Treatment Decisions for Compromised Patients or Patients at the End of Life Fr. Tadeusz Pacholczyk
3pm 6-03 HIV/AIDS: Where Are We Today? Dr. Elizabeth Crabb-Breen
6-09 The Theological Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching Fr. James Harvey
6-16 Enter the Mystery-Is the Mystery Someone? Dr. Megan McKenna
6-21 The Three Pillars of Catholicism Thomas Reese
10a 7-10 Forgiveness, Reconciliation and Christ Dr. Greer Gordon
7-12 Solving the Social Media Mystery: Tips, Tools and Techniques for the New Evangelization Lisa Hendey
7-14 Healing Life’s Hurts Fr. Michael Kennedy & Javier Stauring
7-22 Breathing  Under Water: The Gospel and Recovery Fr. Richard Rohr
1pm 8-04 New Approaches with the New Evangelization: “We’ll Work With You” Rather Than “You Can’t Come In Until You Do” Fr. Ken Deasy
8-06 Enter “The Mystery of Faith” that will usher in the Reign of God and get us all the glory! Msgr. East & Sr. Martin
8-11 Jesus the Mystic: The Future of Mature Christian Spirituality Richard Groves

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