Angel Interfaith Network News, 2013 October

AIN has much to be thankful for this November. It’s not too late for you to be part of the HARVEST.

2013 October

By the time you are reading this, our month-long HARVEST OF LOVE will be coming to a close and we will be gearing up for Alternative Christmas Markets.

The HARVEST OF LOVE brought out the creativity of our supporters with a lovely luncheon at First Presbyterian Church Altadena, a Tardeada with art, music and food at our offices, a “Please Don’t Come As You Are” dinner for a group of friends who enjoyed an evening in their own homes while their hostess donated what she would have spent on catering to AIN, a vegan buffet, and a lovely selection of greeting and notecards with artwork by their children and youth produced and sold by one of our churches. We even had a generous donation from a supporter who has moved clear across the country and still feels a calling to support our work at LAC+USC Medical Network.

AIN has much to be thankful for this November. It’s not too late for you to be part of the HARVEST.

We do this work, both the fundraising and the service it enables, so that no one feels abandoned in a time of crisis. If you’ve been in the hospital or had a new baby, you know how a caring community responds to the needs of its members. There are neighbors who will step in with visits, cards, food, blankets, hospital equipment or transportation to medical appointments.

Not everyone has a community like this. For example, Luis faithfully cared for his elderly parents; at least he did until he became seriously ill himself. His social worker asked AIN for food certificates to tide the family over until Luis was able to work again. That’s the kind of practical and temporary help Angel Interfaith Network can provide, along with a friendly visit and prayer when requested. St. Francis of Assisi said it best, “Preach the Gospel, if necessary use words.”