Saint Camillus Center Clinical Pastoral Education

Rev Rambhoru Brinkmann, CPE Supervisor

This has been an eventful year at St Camillus’ Clinical Pastoral Education program. The Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Supervisor, Rambhoru Brinkmann, became a certified Supervisor with the Association of Clinical Pastoral Educators in May of this year at the ACPE National Conference in Indiana. Rambhoru is looking forward to completing her final level of CPE Supervisory certification in the coming year and then move forward with making St Camillus CPE program a stand-alone ACPE Accredited CPE Center. Currently, St Camillus CPE program is a satellite of Methodist Hospital of Southern California.

Typically, our CPE program provides Chaplaincy education for 18 students per year and draws from seminaries in the Los Angeles region, e.g., Claremont School of Theology, Fuller Seminary, St John’s Seminary and Hebrew Union College. Although St Camillus is not yet listed on the ACPE website directory, St Camillus CPE program continues to draw many applications simply by word of mouth. This tells us that students who have already taken CPE with us have had a positive experience and are spreading the word. Students often tell us that highlights of studying at St Camillus and serving at LAC+USC is the homey atmosphere of the St Camillus rectory and the caring community experience of the St Camillus chaplain team. Moreover, students are drawn here due to the diverse inner city population that St Camillus serves.

For the first time ever, St Camillus CPE program placed one of their Chaplain Students at Homeboys Industries to pioneer a Spiritual Care presence there. Both the chaplain student and the administration at Homeboys (founded by Fr. Greg Boyle, SJ) greatly appreciated their being there.


St Camillus CPE program offers three units of CPE yearly: a Summer 10-week Intensive; a Fall 13-week Extended Unit; and a Winter 13-week Extended Unit. We encourage prospective students to apply 10-12 months before the beginning of a unit to insure they find a placement with us. We tend to receive more applicants than we have placements in our program.