Angel Interfaith Network News, November 2014



Harvest of Love Louise Innouye, a longtime AIN volunteer, and the Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church, Altadena, held a lovely luncheon on Saturday, October 11th, to benefit AIN. Guests enjoyed a delightful bento box lunch, opportunity drawing, and fellowship. Other friends of AIN are doing a variety of FUNdraisers and we are grateful for the support of our community.

AIN201411aHarvest of Love Continues We are looking forward to a theater night on Saturday, November 8th. AIN supporters and guests will fill the seats of Casa0101 Theater, 2102 East First Street, LA for a benefit performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Pre-show reception is at 7:00 and the curtain rises at 8:00. Tickets are $35. For more information and reservations, call Raquel or Belinda at 323-226-6923 or go to our website

AIN201411bMission Markets and Holiday Giving: We are participating in a number of Mission or Alternative Markets this year throughout Los Angeles County. Check with your congregation to see if we’ll be there. If not, you can go to our website and download a holiday card to go with a donation in any amount for someone on your gift list. For an older person with enough “stuff” or a youngster who might just be discovering that others don’t have all he or she has, a gift to AIN in his or her honor is a great present (and you can mail it with one stamp).

AIN201411cWho We Serve, A Follow Up: A few months ago we told you about a newborn who was released to the care of her grandmother after her mother gave birth in prison. Our care coordinator was allowed to visit mother and baby on the prison ward so mom could see what was in the baby basket we supplied for her daughter. That little girl is now 3 months old and being raised by her grandmother. Recently, their social worker asked for some diapers and wipes and a stroller so that Grandma can take the baby to her appointments by bus. AIN was able to help with a used stroller, pampers and wipes. Grandma said, “I don’t know what I would do without you.”