Angel Interfaith Network News, March 2015

AIN201503aThe old saying about March is “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Certainly New England will be glad for spring weather soon. For some of our patients and their families, any month can come in “like a lion.” Angel Interfaith Network exists to meet unique and unmet needs, to give patients and their families some measure of gentle support and care in a crisis. Some examples:

Fourteen-month-old Bobby suffered severe burns in a freak accident at his home. His immune system was compromised. His parents took turns watching over him in the hospital. One week later he was declared brain dead. Bobby’s parents decided to donate his organs and one of the chaplains was at their side. St. Camillus Center for Spiritual Care was able to help with Bobby’s funeral. As if this were not enough, Bobby’s 6-year-old brother got sick and ended up at Children’s Hospital. For two weeks, the boys’ father, the sole provider for the family, had not worked. Their Social Worker called and AIN was able to help with rent, utilities and some food certificates.

AIN201503bAt 81, Yoshi was living independently in a downtown hotel, until a developer purchased building and raised the rent. Yoshi was unable to pay and became homeless. A social worker was able to place him in housing he could afford. He needed sheets, blankets, towels and adult toiletries. AIN was able to help with some of his needs.

Baby Alice was born prematurely and her mom had not had time or money to prepare. AIN was able to help with a car seat and a baby basket with clothing, pampers and all the essentials to keep little Alice warm and comfortable as she begins her life.



Thank you to chaplains, social workers, medical staff,
AIN staff, volunteers and supporters.
Together you make Angel Interfaith Network’s work possible.

40 Days: As I draft this newsletter, it is Ash Wednesday and many in our Interfaith Network are entering the season of Lent. Various traditions call for fasting, prayer, and charity at specific periods of the year. On Facebook the other night I saw a practice called 40 Bags in 40 Days, a call to clear one bag of clutter from our lives each day for 40 days. What would we discover if April found us 40 bags lighter? What have we been holding on to that we could donate to someone in need? Would we have a garage sale and donate the proceeds? If we took the whole 40 days and as many bags as we needed to clear that storage locker that we’ve been renting, how could that rent money make a difference? Through Angel Interfaith Network, your gently used baby items can help a family with a new little one. Outgrown kids’ clothing can help a family burned out of their home. Just $10 provides emergency food to someone in need. Your monthly gift as a Sustaining Angel supports ongoing care for patients and families. How might you make a difference in the world in 40 bags and 40 days or even right now?