Angel Interfaith Network News, Spring 2015

AIN201504aCelebrate Spring! This month brings new life, the promise of life everlasting, and the story of lives spared as we celebrate Easter and Passover. Our patients and families welcome new life, trust the promise of life everlasting, or give thanks for life spared daily. In spite of hardships they are hopeful, grateful and most of all, resourceful.

Baby David was born prematurely and lost his mommy as she brought him into this world. Frank, David’s widowed father, works two jobs, cares for David’s six-year-old brother and awaits the time when David is big enough and healthy enough to come home. Fortunately Frank’s mom is there to help care for the family. Frank is a proud man and when asked what he needed he said all was well. But baby David’s social worker knew the family was not prepared for the baby’s arrival. AIN was able to provide a lovely baby basket with all a newborn baby would need. We also included a lovely blanket, stuffed toy and pillow made by Glendora Sewing Guild for big brother.

Chris was fifteen when he was hit three times in a drive by shooting on his way home from school. He was brought back to life twice in the emergency room. His mother, Ruth, stayed at her only son’s bedside for a month. She was unable to work, but mercifully her employer was able to hold her position for her. Adding to the stress, their lives were threatened and they had to flee their home.   They have been staying on a family member’s couch until Victims Services can relocate them. Chris is due back for surgery on his arm. Ruth wants to be close by and AIN was able to provide three days in a motel near the hospital for Chris’ surgery. Chris and Ruth are grateful that Chris is alive, for AIN’s assistance, and the support of their family and her employer.

Thanks to your support, especially our Sustaining Angels,
we are blessed to offer a helping hand.

URGENT NEEDS: We are urgently in need of infant car seats, $10 Food4Less gift certificates, and cash for eviction prevention and utilities maintenance. Can you help?, mail a check to AIN, 1911 Zonal Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90033 or call 323-226-6923 to arrange to drop off your donation. Thank you.