Angel Interfaith Network News, Summer 2015



As we welcome summer, we stop to remember veterans who gave their lives, and the vets who have come home in need of care. While we pray for peace in the world, we care for those who have served. LAC+USC cares for many of LA’s homeless and far too many of them are veterans. Angel Interfaith Network steps in to meet urgent and unmet needs, including clothing in the Emergency Department, food certificates, transportation, or shelter. Your support with gifts of adult sweats, socks and underwear, as well as your financial support allows us to respond when asked. Thank you.

Not Just for Babies: Mr. Young was a patient in the burn unit. In order to be released from the hospital, he needed a pair of shoes and some loose fitting clothing. An enthusiastic chaplain in training ( called Angel Interfaith to help. We were able to provide sweats, a tee shirt, new socks, underwear and shoes. When our care coordinator took them to his hospital room, the nurses and staff were unfamiliar with AIN and our services. The chaplain shared who we were and what services we provide. Immediately, one of the male nurses who wore XL clothing wanted to know where he could drop off donations to help other patients. We continue to expand our network.

Urgent needs: adult sweats and athletic socks for men and women. We are also running low on laundry baskets to hold baby things, baby towels and washcloths. Please call 323-226-6923 to arrange donations.

AIN201505bVolunteers Honored On May 5th, Angel Interfaith volunteers will enjoy a Cinco de Mayo Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at the lovely patio outside our offices at 1100 North Mission. Thank you to St. Monica’s JustFaith group for making our patio such a welcoming place and to Señor Fish, Eagle Rock, for donating the food for our luncheon.