Prayer for USA

Prayer for our Nation
Catholic’s Against the Death Penalty has been educating and organziing for over 4 years to end the death penalty in Calfornia in light of Jesus the Executed One, the Pope’s and Catechism and the USC Bishops along with the recent statement of California Catholic Bishops YES on 57 YES on 62 and NO on 66. “We have spoken as a leadership team to dozens of public setting in front of 6000 people in these last months. Many have joined us this process for LIFE. Some still do not see this as a LIFE issue so we pray for them and their discernment and all voters. Join us for life, for victims, for justice and for restorative justice.” Fr Chris

We stand in support of victims so they can experience healing and moving forward in their families and lives. We stand with the innocent who spend decades on death rows/prisons whose lives (and their families) have been forever changed. With YES 62 and NO 66 we will not execute any innocent persons.

We stand with the public that spend billions of dollars to prepare people for execution and with YES 62 will save $150 million a year.

We stand with Pope Francis, US and CA Bishops along with Archbishop Gomez is saying stopping executions also gives the guilt persons a change to seek forgiveness and use their time in jail for life for serving others.

“We now are within the last week of preparing and voting. Our partnership with groups during this education, prayer, reflection and mobilizing time leads us to begin a week of VIGILS for LIFE. To end Executions in California is a step toward the Global ending of the Death Penalty. Attached you will see the various prayer groups who have committed to include a VIGIL prayer for LIFE to end the Death Penalty.

We also see that in this election year local and nationally, violence in word and deeds demand that we provide a faith/spiritual call to nonviolence from the pulpits to the rallies and around the sacred voting booths. We pray that our prayers and those of others around the country will honor the democratic process of voting that has already begun and will end at 8pm(PST) in Los Angeles. ” Fr Ponnet

We also are calling people into a 50 HOURS of LIFE and NONVIOLENCE for THE NATION. It will begin after the 5:30 mass at Holy Family, South Pasadena on November 6th and end with a Vigil in front of St Camillus Center, 7:30-8:00pm on November 8th.

We are asking people to join us for the beginning and end of the vigil with candles and signing or silence for the USA.

“We are inviting people to light a candle or an electric light and leave it burning for those 50 hours. No statements, no speeches, no partisan position only a witness for peace and nonviolence and democracy for the USA.” Fr Chris Ponnet

  • Each day leading up to the elections, join us in your own sacred space at home, in nature or local worship space.
  • Public events are coordinated by a few Catholic groups; all are welcome.
Catholics Against the Death Penalty